Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

ISBN: 978-1-4678-2963-2

Please Hear is the amazing story of a poem's impact not only across this country, but around the world since it was written in 1966. It is all about how hearts grow wings! 137 pages.


Standing at that magical place where sand meets sea, you likely have imagined putting a message in a bottle, consigning it to the waves, hoping it might some day reach another shore, and then not only be read but, incredibly across space and time, make a difference in other lives now connected to your own. It has happened to me, and I must sing of it.

In the autumn of 1966 I let the waves carry off a poem--passed around to students, family and friends, no need for even my name on it. Its message was simple: Keep heart, you are not alone; love, stronger than strong walls, will come, helping your heart in hiding grow wings, feeble perhaps at first, but wings! Word astoundingly began to come back in 1969, and has continued since, that “Please Hear What I'm Not Saying" was indeed reaching other shores, across space and time was indeed making a difference in other lives.

What follows attests to the power of words from the heart to touch other hearts, sometimes even to change other lives. Read on. You, too, will sing of it.

You Never Know When You Pick Up Pen

A poem I wrote decades ago
has touched many around the world for ringing true
to imprisoning fear that refuses to despair
of love's eventual freeing.
Its vulnerability diminishes as we inwardly grow stronger,
but for the sake of empathy and compassion
we'll be wise to remember.
May those still hiding behind a thousand masks
fearing the glance that knows
find comfort in learning they are far from alone
and that a saving glance is coming.
Amazing the birthing
my midwife pen was serving.

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