Charlie Finn is a writer who also works as a licensed professional counselor with adolescents and adults on issues relating to life transitions, substance abuse, and the role of spirituality when “up against it.”  He has been married to Penny for 36 years and they live on 13 acres just north of Roanoke. They are the parents of two children adopted from Korea and Hong Kong who are now adults.  Charlie still does most of his writing on a yellow legal pad, but, thanks to Penny, has now learned how to use a word processor and email.  He glories in thunderstorms, flowers and everyday miracles.

Penny Finn is interested in the people who have been touched by Charlie's poetry and in photographing her family.  She is retired from her career as a clinical psychologist,  is devoted to their gardens and pets, and excels at making things, bridge, and trip-planning.

April Finn Holland graduated from law school, passed the bar in New York and Tennessee, and married James in 2011.  The two, with their beloved dogs, relocated to Chattanooga where they bought a town house near the law firm where April practice corporate law.

James Holland, originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, was at the University of Virginia with April where the spark was ignited. After working abroad in shipping logistics, he now works out of Chattanooga consulting with start-ups during the week and tackling DIY around the house on the weekends.

Adam Finn still loves playing hockey, bowling, and building things.  Having graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, he now builds small plane engines in Delaware. He has been active volunteer at the Fincastle emergency rescue squad.