Earth Brother Jesus

Earth Brother Jesus

ISBN: 1-4208-8581-2

Earth Brother Jesus calls into question embedded beliefs in order to uncover his gigantic relevance to our struggle on behalf of our selves and our planet.

What a Balance Struck Jesus

Toughminded needs to balance tenderhearted.
Sometimes hard decisions must be made,
a malignancy must be cut out,
an axe must fall.
To avoid it in the name of lovingkindness
is to misconceive lovingkindness.
If we only warm but never burn we are not fire.
Remember moneychangers and whitened sepulchers
no less than good Samaritan and prodigal son--
what a balance struck Jesus!

Not Jesus More Than Any Other

I can accept "the Word was made flesh"
if by flesh you mean the universe
and by Word you mean the mysterium tremendum et fascinans antecedent to the Big Bang.
But not Jesus more than any other.
He just experienced it and lived it
beyond what any before him dreamed.
See the stupendous diaphanous exfoliating universe
as the Incarnation on the rise--
mystic that he was Jesus knew it!

Jesus Would Puke

My personal opinion is Jesus would puke
to see what is preached in his name.
Has any man done more to champion the outcast and oppressed,
to challenge the complacent and hypocritical,
to cry for change of heart, forgiveness versus judgment,
justice and peace and love above all?
How they have crimped his spirit's spaciousness,
hardened his teaching into dogma,
placed him safely out of reach by turning him into God,
murdered his memory and meaning by fostering intolerance,
justifying greed,
waving flags of war
all the while praising his name.
After he'd stop weeping he'd puke.

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