Circle of Grace

Circle of Grace

ISBN: 1-55523-702-9

Circle of Grace: In Praise of Months and Seasons invites you into the spirit journey of the months of the year. Through Charlie's eyes, each month reveals its special character and invites your delight and pondering. 99 pages.

To The Brim

January, on the surface, is a darkness.
Holidays are past,
cold settles in,
spring is remote.
Oh, it could depress, this month, if you let it.
But looking deeper yields richness:
year's brand newness,
winter's midpoint,
time to turn inward,
nurture seed,
worship fire,
sing to see white magic falling.
The mystic within is brought to the brim
with the crystalline fullness of winter.

Month of the Secret Shifting

February is the month of the secret shifting.
What becomes manifest in March
incubates in February.
You can feel it in the air,
some days almost taste it.
January's entrenchment now incrementally yields.
The unattuned are bored by February's drab,
not displeased with her brevity,
but lovers of seasons can't help savoring winter's lingering
even while thrilling to the secret shifting
that augurs spring!

Rubies in a Bucket

We've a thicket of red raspberries
to make you drool.
Quantity picked is nothing
next to joy picking.
Deep shade,
berries plump with allure, ripe red with succulence,
father and kids chattering contentedly
braving scratches in a tangle
for rubies in a bucket.
For this alone would July sing.

Heaven Falling

Next time you're blessed doubly with solitude and snow,
go out, stand in it, and listen--
to flakes falling,
ice crystal sensuous descent
encircling with music if only you listen.
The more you're mystically inclined,
the more what is heard opens spirit,
transports spirit,
makes spirit sing--
if only you yield to the lure of heaven falling
and go out, stand in it, and listen.

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