Deep Joy Steep Challenge

Deep Joy Steep Challenge

ISBN: 1-4208-7537-X

Deep Joy, Steep Challenge witnesses to the arduous bliss of parenting a child, inviting other parents to remember their hundred good reasons to fret, their thousand good reasons to sing. 400 pages.

In Need Of A Little Sweetness

April suddenly hates kisses but allows an exception.
If late in the evening a butterfly happens to land softly on her cheek
around the time Daddy tucks her in,
well, you can't fault a butterfly in need of a little sweetness,
now, can you?

Swimming In The Sea Of It

Adoptive parents maybe have an edge.
accept from the outset the dimension in the child of mystery,
utter and inaccessible.
Heightening respect for difference,
reverence before the unknown.
Biological parents, facts of birth being known,
might assume they know their child and skim over the mystery.
Adoptive parents swim in the sea of it.

He's MY Daddy

A boy we met in the video store
must have seemed to glance at me covetously
for Adam fairly shouted, "He's MY Daddy!"
leaving the boy speechless,
his mother smiling,
Adam satisfied with his emphatic style,
and me secretly pleased
to be the object of such fierce possession.

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